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Jovenj 2013-12-29 19:27:18

...What was the point, to score a couple of potins on his favorite topic - normalization, at the expense of embarassing Tom?hmm...did that sound like scoring potins?? It was a honest question. Being a novice at interacting over the web, never paid attention to the fact that when things are put on the web - the basic idea is that its "public" (lesson learnt acutally)Also I don't think Tom was embarassed by that question. But only he can confirm that.

Subash 2013-12-30 09:05:20

Just to be clear: I don't actually adoacvte publishing everything I'm sent! My statement was (or was meant to be) that I have the *capability* to publish everything (which is merely a statement of reality); and the disclaimer on my site means I have the *right* to do so (I think).But such blunt rules are always tempered by the normal demands of civilised behaviour: an appreciation of what others expect, what custom, ethics and professionalism demand and so on. And a lot of when not to publish is pretty obvious from the very nature of the correspondence, and the identity of the correspondent, too.If someone shared a confidence with me, for example, I definitely have the ability to publish it. But if I hope to hear any more confidences from that quarter in the future, I would in fact be a fool to publish.Similarly, as a matter of practical realtionship-tending, I would probably ask before publishing anything from someone with whom I had had a lengthy correspondence over the months or years. It would be foolish to jeopardise a good realtionship by blindly insisting on a right to publish, and I wouldn't do it.

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